What should you call your band?

Posted by Mark on 7th Oct 2019

What should you call your band?

Gadgets Kill Grannies

We were sat in the pub after the first rehearsal of our 90s cover band trying to come up with a name for our new venture. Despite a number of interesting suggestions nothing seemed quite right. We decided to return the following week with some more ideas.

The next week arrived and despite having an impressive list of band names all these were rejected too. As the weeks strolled on our list of Rejected Band Names grew...

Eventually the phrase “Rejected Band Name” became the repeating punch line to the throw away comments and unusual word combinations that sometimes fall out of conversations.

“Pass the vinegar” - Rejected Band Name!

“Polythene Grief Cave” - Rejected Band Name!

Sometimes banal, sometimes unhinged, it turns out pretty much anything can be a Rejected Band Name. To cut a long story short, it seemed a shame not to do something with them.

In addition to designing T shirts for bands that don’t existing we have a range of t shirts inspired by TV programs, Music, Films, Politics and just weird designs that pop into our heads.

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